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Friday, August 31, 2007

Blog& Ping Explained

Everyone is trying to blog and ping to get their websites indexed into the search engines.

Although this can be a great tool, all marketers should first understand exactly what they're getting themselves into before starting.

This article is to serve as a beginners guide to getting started with blogging and pinging.

1. What is a blog?A "blog" is short for "web log." A web log is an online diary or journal. The main aspect blog is that it is frequently updated - at least once a week, sometimes every day or even more.Since blogs are regularly updated, they tend to carry more value than regular static HTML pages (in some cases).

2. What is a ping?A ping is a program that sends out a brief request for a response from another computer or server. When you ping on the Internet, you send out a program to see if a remote server is responding.3. How do bloggers use pings?

Two main reasons to use pings with blogs: First and foremost is to let the search engines know that you have updated your website so they can send their spiders.

Secondly, pings also update the websites on the internet who are using your blog on their site through a feature called RSS feeds, they are displaying your messages on their site).

4. So what is the big deal about blogging and pinging?Smart affiliate marketers use blogging and pinging to help get their sites crawled and indexed by the search engine spiders a lot quicker than they normally would.

They set up a blog either on their main site or on a sub-domain of their site.

They then post links to their product pages on their blog and send out a ping to all the major servers on the Internet.

That ping says "This site has fresh content, time to go add it to your database!" It's a trigger that sends the search spiders looking for updated pages on your site. When they find the new pages, search engines tend to index them much faster.

Blogging and pinging will not get you into EVERY search engine overnight. As of this writing, it is most effective with getting into Yahoo.

But often MSN, and even Google, will follow in short order.Combine blogging and pinging with good link recruiting for the best indexing.Also, blog and ping on a regular basis if you want to “stay” indexed in the search engines.
6. Is blogging and pinging a requirement to get indexed?No.

You can get indexed quickly by getting plenty of natural backlinks. But for backlinks to be most effective, they have to appear as if they were natural and this can take weeks if not months. Blogging and pinging does seem to drastically shorten the process.

7. Is there a downside to blogging and pinging?Yes, some marketers are starting to abuse this strategy and the engines are getting wise to it! If you go over-board you risk getting your website completely banned and removed.

Also, many marketers are blogging and pinging for a few days and then forgetting about the website - your website will likely be de-indexed if you do not continue to naturally blog and ping.The bottom line is that blogging and pinging is a great strategy right now to help you get your website indexed faster.

However, the old natural way of getting incoming links is still the best and most assured way - not to mention the long-term benefits of having incoming links.

If you have not yet started blogging and pinging, I suggest you start with a practice website first, not your main website.


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Monetize Ur Blog

Well ho do i monitize ur blog?

Ther quite a few ways to go about.

AdSense and other CPC programs is the answer you will most likely get.

However, for new blog that have just been created and have little traffic and a small reader base, AdSense is often not a very lucrative venture In these situations, the best way to make the most money out of your blog, is through directly advertising web sites and businesses.

This may take a bit more work than just setting up a Google AdSense or other PPC or affiliate program account and then copying the code into the code of your blog, but you earn much more this way and it is definitely worth the hard work.

However, with the launch of Blog Advertising Networks, the process of getting advertisers for your blog has become much easier. Services such as will have listings of dozens of advertisers who want to advertise on blogs. You simply create ablog post about the company and business and InBlogAds takes care of the rest.

They read over your post and approve it and then you will be paid for your work.

For the typical new blog, it can take more than a month to earn just a measley $10; however with new programs such as InBlogAds, bloggers can earn $10 per blog post for less than 5 minutes a post. Even of you only spend 5 minutes a day on these pots, you can earn $300 a month with your blog.

If you are willing to spend more time and make more than one post daily or run multiple blogs, you can earn well over $1000 a month or $12,000 a year for less than ½ an hour of work a day.

This is a much more efficient way to earn with your blog than PPC networks. Still, while using InBlogAds, you can still run PPC campaigns so if your web site does get traffic, you can monetize your blog in multiple ways


Monday, August 20, 2007

Make with your Blog

Make Money While U Blog

Let me tell a little of how money is being amde thru Blogs

blogs have become the SEO tool of choice by many webmasters.

It is Because of their content. Search engines love content.

The more content your blog can provide on a steady basis, the better your ability to increase traffic.

Blogs are easy to start and anyone can for more effective SEO management. What content do you place in your blog?
You can place any useful information or articles about your product or service.

If, for example, you are a wedding planner, you should write about tips future brides may not be aware of in relation to planning their wedding.

You might talk about wedding scams, catering faux pas, honeymoon hotspots etc...Let the readers know you have something more to offer then just a simple service.People who feel comfortable about a person or organization are far more likely to buy from them. Let your readers know who you are and what you are capable of doing for them.Now that you have your content, you need to get it into the reader’s hands.

The advantage of using a blog is that you can syndicate your content.Rich Site Summary or RSS is a format used to syndicate your content instantly.

In other words, people can have your content posted on their web site or sent to their email.

Most blogging sites will give you your own special URL to submit to sites that syndicate content.These sites will then contact your URL for the content.

The more you update your site the more your site will be indexed or PINGED by RSS feeds.To help ensure your RSS feed is being indexed, enter the RSS tag into the of your site. Just enter your site title and the URL with your special URL for RSS.

This and other tags can be used in most blog .

Take advantage of them.Creating a blog will allow your content to be syndicated which in turn will increase traffic to your web site as well as build your link popularity through RSS and blog directories.

This will give you and your products or services recognition.The knowledge and personal insights that you share will help build your business and your customer relations.

The RSS feeds and blog directories will also help build your page rank on search engines.Blogs have all the ingredients to be one of the best free advertising tools the Internet has to offer.

I hope you start Blogging for money soon


Thursday, August 16, 2007

How To Get a Blog

Blog are known as Web logs.
The first thing you want to do do is decide where to host.

To use a blog hosting service such as eBloggy ( or BlogEasy ( (wordpress, soulcast etc...)
- To host a blog yourself on a server of your own choice.
there sre quite a few choices and you might want to do a little research on your own.
Both options have their free or paid subsections.
The blog hosting services mentioned here are free but there are paid services out there.
MSN now offer ‘Spaces’, which are essentially blogs attached to your MSN account and may be of interest to some. Web hosting can also be free or paid but you’ll find it difficult to find a free service that will offer you the features you’ll need to run a blog backend.
You also don’t have to put up with there being ads on your page (unless you find some free hosting which usually has advertising put at the top of your site).
So now you have yourself a blog up and running; it’s time to fill it with content. What you write is up to you. Generally people write about their lives, how they feel, what they think, and similar topics. You can be much more diverse and creative than this though.
You could for example post creative writings on your blog, as well as discuss news and current affairs, or anything else that you can imagine.
It’s your personal space to write what you like and get it out there for others to read and give their opinions on.
Making people come and read yourblog money could take some effort. You need to make them aware that it exists and keep it interesting so that they continue coming back. Nothing kills off a readership base like a lack of updates.
For attracting the broader public you need ways to let the wider community know you are out there. Spend time at other people’s blogs, make it a habit to head over there and read their posts.
If it’s appropriate put a link to your site in a comment box or guest book on their site. Visit forums related to blogs (or just forums in general) and become an active member there.
As long as you have a link to your site in your signature, people will probably head on over for a look.
These are sites dedicated solely to getting people into blog sites, and while it may be hard to climb into the higher ranks, simply having your site listed will probably improve your hit rate. You could also submit your site to as many search engines as possible.
Perhaps you could even write yourself an article like this one with your link in the bio field.
The following 2 programs a re a must have in your library.
I know i have them.
If you really are serious you should get a copy of BLOGGING TO THE BANK (just click Blogging to the bank or on the banner above and your ready.)
The other program i would recommend is THE BLOGGING MACHINE.
These are a must have if you really want to earn income while you blog easy.
I have personally used both of them and have enjoyed continued success Creating a blog
Beyond this you’re going to have to work out your own methods for publicizing your site.
Just think creatively about how and where you can get a link put in and you’ll be fine.
Getting your blog set up and running can be an involving task but the results will be worth it.
A final word of warning:
Don’t get too engrossed in your blogging .
You need a life in order to be able to write about your life! As I wrote in a previous article it has been found that blogging can sometimes have a detrimental effect on a person instead of the positive effect that it was designed for.
Try not to write only for yourself; it’s a public forum for others to read so try and write entries that will be of some benefit to the wider community as well as to you. Blog safe and have fun!
I hope you enjoy til next time.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Get Paid Blogging

Get Paid Blogging

This is just a small glimpse into informative matter over blog and blogging related material.

The word blog is meant to describe a web log, or online journal, that is used to post personal thoughts on the products and services offered by your business.

A blog easy can also be used to make announcements to your customers and provide them a place to give feedback and make comments. You may include any information you desire in your posts to your blog that are related to your line of business.

Articles, questions, and opinions are all appropriate blogging subjects.Starting a blog money is simple and there are several blogging tools available to you.

Some are free to use and other, more powerful blogging tools can be found for a small monthly fee. In general, blogging tools are user friendly and do not require the knowledge of HTML or complex computer skills.

I have here listed 2 very good programs for those of you who really want to make money Blogging:

If you really are serious you should get a copy of BLOGGING TO THE BANK

The other program i would recommend is THE BLOGGING MACHINE.

These are a must have if you really want to earn income while you blog. i have personally used both of them and have enjoyed continued success

Creating a blog can give your business increased visibility and give your subscribers a forum in which to receive product updates, advice on how to effectively use your products, and post questions or comments about your line of business.

To bring your blog to the attention of your target audience, you can link your blog to other blogs, include links to your blog in newsletters or on your web site, and you may even want to include a link to your blog in your email signature.

Blogging can help you increase your profits due to increased visibility, which will undoubtedly lead to increased web site traffic and lead to you earn money blogging.

Make sure to only include pertinent information about your niche or line of business in your blog. Most bloggers are happy to link their blog to those belonging to others.

I hope to read your blogs soon.

The sharing of information and ability to post thoughts and comments makes for a winning situation for all concerned.

Starting a blog for your business can be a great way to help you increase your profits and share important information with the public